DIY: Mushroom Terrarium Necklace

Hello! I think this is my favourite DIY so far! I love how it is so dainty and intricate-looking it is. Don’t let the photo above fool you, this pendant is under 5 centimetres tall. I decided to use fake moss for my terrarium (vs. real moss in traditional terrarium necklaces) because I didn’t want to take apart the necklace, water the moss, and let it air dry, every couple of days. I wanted to wear the necklace without having to worry about whether the moss was dying or not. I almost killed my cactus plant, I don’t think I could keep the moss alive that long haha.
What you will need:
1. Glass vial with cork stopper
2. Fake moss
3. Sand
4. Silver chain
5. Liquid glue
6. Sculpey (or any other types of polymer clay)
7. Paint
I started off making the Sculpey polymer clay mushrooms since the clay requires some baking time. While your little clay mushrooms are baking, you can work on the other parts of the necklace : )

Take a bit of white polymer clay and mould the clay into mushroom shapes. Bake the mushrooms according to the directions on the package. My pack of Sculpey said to bake them for 10 minutes at 350F.

My mushroom was roughly 0.6cm in diameter.
While the mushrooms are in the oven, you can work on the rest of the pendant. 
Put some liquid glue at the bottom of the vial (I just used white school glue) and put a layer of sand on top of the glue. If you get glue onto the sides of the vial, you can always clean it up with a q-tip : )
Put another dollop of glue before you layer the moss on top.
Layer on some moss…as much as you like! By the time you’re done with these few steps, the mushrooms should be ready.
Let the mushrooms cool before painting them. I painted the top of my mushroom red with white polka dots and the stem of the mushroom white. (It might be easier to paint the mushroom if you have a pair of tweezers)
Put a small final dollop of glue on top of the moss before putting in the mushroom. It was a bit difficult to put in the mushroom but don’t worry if it doesn’t go in straight. You can always adjust the position of the mushroom with a toothpick (that’s what I did!). Wait for everything inside your brand new terrarium to dry before putting the cork on.
After everything is dry, put this dainty little pendant on a silver chain, and you’re all set to go!
Happy DIY-ing!


8 thoughts on “DIY: Mushroom Terrarium Necklace

    1. amy

      you are so quick! and thank you! the nail colour reminds me of the cheese powder from KD mac and cheese boxes hahaha

  1. Angela / Bouncing Brunette

    Oh. My. God. This is soooo adorable!
    Going to follow you on blog loving ~ I love your DIYS!

    x Angela /


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